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American Ecotech launches new Air Monitoring Solutions to Industrial Professionals

American Ecotech has recently released their product extension. The cutting-edge technology includes the Serinus Gas Calibrators, Serinus Gas Analyzers and Airodis. Over the last decade, American Ecotech has delivered innovative products to monitor air quality worldwide. Today, we continue to be on the forefront of the industry with our new line of instrumentation.

Calibration Serinus Cal Series

The Serinus Gas Calibrators (left) and the Serinus Gas Analyzers (bottom) offers easy-to-use techniques to ensure precise results. Benefits include low total cost of ownership and decreased time of  maintenance.

                            Serinus 56 Bluetooth


The Airodis is an environmental data management program. It collects the data by automatically or manually downloading the data from multiple loggers. Then the data is saved in a  convenient server  database.

American Ecotech will offer constant communication to customers throughout their experience with our  company.  We will ensure  that all clients receive only the most professional service from us from  product delivery to installation and after-sales support.

Our investors include a wide range of industries, including energy and power plants, environmental consultants, oil and gas, government agencies and much more.

Obtain valid, accurate, and precise air pollution data with our monitoring systems.

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