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Ozone Season is here! Are you ready?


Ozone monitors operate continuously throughout the ozone season. These instruments do need their “air.” In order for researchers to collect accurate data, proper repair and maintenance for these instruments are required.

Ground-level ozone is a potent pollutant that can severely weaken human and plant life. Mix nitrogen oxides (NOx) with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), add heat and sunlight, and then this potent pollutant is projected into our environment and inhaled into the lungs of millions of people. 

Air pollution involves everyone's everyday lives and can cause some life-changing diseases from long term exposure. Ozone is important to monitor in particular because children and the growing elderly population are especially vulnerable to the effects of ground level ozone. Therefore, businesses and goverment institutions are interested in ozone monitoring. 

Air emissions from car engines and many other everyday activities contribute to this problem. In fact, California is considering requiring emissions standards for small gas engines. This will offer major incentives for landscaping businesses to change over to electric.

"We expect that ozone-contributing pollutants from small off-road engines will exceed those same emissions from cars around the 2020 time frame," said Dr. Michael Benjamin, division chief at the California Air Resources Board.

 Ozone-contributing pollutants  can come from multiple  different sources. Our Serinus  10  Ozone Analyzer delivers precise and reliable performance at an exemplary value. It uses  proven non-dispersive ultra light (UV) absorption technology to measure O3 in ambient air. 

 Our qualified service technicians will be happy to assist you at a moment's notice. We also offer on the field training and maintenance so researchers don't get cluttered and can focus on their goals in obtaining primary data. Contact us today to discuss how we can facilitate your next air monitoring project.