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Airodis - Alleviating Environmental Monitoring Uncertainty


Don't be overwhelmed by your environmental data management system. Airodis automates the process of retrieving data from multiple data loggers. Other features include automatic alarm notifications, multi-user compatibility and much more.
Reporting is now simple with Airodis. Reports can be sent directly to a printer, emailed or sent via FTP to a web server for display on a website for public or internal applications. Data objects are available for any user definable duration including hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly periods.
Data can be presented in reports using tables, bar graphs, distribution graphs, frequency graphs, polar plots, and/or wind roses. More advanced graphical reporting is also available through combining with exceedence reports, a pollution index, or even a map showing the physical location and passage of pollutants. 
Airodis is a powerful software package for environmental data management including retrieving, visualizing, alarming, validating and presenting data collected from a varienty of environmental monitoring systems. To request your Airodis quote, contact us today.
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