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Measuring Direct NO2 utilizing FEM Designation


Never has accurate measurement of NO2 been more important or higher on the agenda, for environmental protection and government agencies. Studies and health reports have raised awareness of the risks to human health from nitrogen dioxide, such as decreased lung function and other respiratory conditions. 

The solution begins with fast, accurate data, and nothing beats measuring directly. That's why we're introducing the new Serinus 60; an affordable NO2 analyzer that gives accurate and timely results. The Ecotech S60 direct NO2 analyzer is intuitive to use, simple to configure, and is US-EPA FEM designated (Designation Number: EQNA-0217-242).

For environmental protection agencies NO2 has long been ‘on the radar’ as a criteria gas. Until the advent of the advanced and more affordable CAPS technology, levels were derived from indirect measurement, posing disadvantages such as precision of measurement and response when levels were dynamic. The Serinus 60 now makes direct, responsive and accurate measurements of this key criteria gas possible. Importantly, it also delivers these advantages in a highly affordable package.