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CEMS - Continuous Emissions Monitoring System

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American Ecotech continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) combine the very best in technology from the Ecotech product line and our partners to provide reliable and cost effective CEMS solutions for industry and research organizations.

Serinus Range of CEMS Gas Analyzers

The Ecotech Serinus range of high concentration gas analyzers incorporate all of the advanced features available in our standard and trace level gas analyzers with excellent reliability and low maintenance.

Serinus Analyzers

We also offer a full range of spare parts for all 9800 series gas analyzers currently operating in the field.

High Temperature Converters

H2S, TRS, NH3 Converters


Do you have a 9800 series trace analyzer in need of spare or replacement parts? American Ecotech carries the full range of spares and consumables for the 9800 series analyzers!

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