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CO Monitoring Equipment

Serinus 30 250x160 sflb

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas which at high concentrations is toxic. Therefore, a gas analyzer that supports the monitoring of CO is valuable. The effect of increased carbon monoxide levels in humans is a decrease in the uptake of oxygen by the blood stream. The result is that vital organs such as the heart, brain, and nervous tissues in the body are deprived of a critical component to ensure proper function. During periods of increase of carbon monoxide levels, even healthy human beings will report difficulties concentrating, as well as headaches or slight dizziness. For the elderly, increased carbon monoxide levels can lead to a greater risk of heart attack or angina.

The EPA estimates that over 60% of all CO emissions in the United States come from automobile exhaust and in some major cities automobile exhaust may constitute over 95% of all CO emissions. Other sources of CO in the atmosphere include black carbon production in industrial processes, wildfires and wood smoke. Aside from the health effects, CO is also a constituent in the formation of ground level ozone, and therefore is a critical component to be monitored in the forecasting of ozone levels.

American Ecotech features the Serinus 30 Analyzer for carbon monoxide monitoring:

The Serinus 30 – From Ecotech’s new line of gas analyzers, it is designed for lower cost of operation and maintenance, with options such as dual particulate filters and internal low power sample pump (6 watts). 

All of American Ecotech’s Criteria Pollutant Gas Analyzers are US EPA Reference or Equivalent Method Certified. 

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