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NOx Monitoring Equipment

Serinus 30 250x160 sflb

Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) are a term which encompasses both Nitric Oxide (NO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). NOx is calculated as the sum of NO and NO2. Of the two components NO2 is of the most concern in regards to human health. Short term exposures to elevated NO2 levels are linked to inflammation of respiratory tissue as well as increasing the likelihood of an attack of asthma in susceptible individuals.

NOx is formed by the oxidation of nitrogen typically in high temperature combustion processes such as the operation of motor vehicles, power plants, or industrial processes. NOx plays a major role in the formation of ground ozone through its interaction with VOCs in the atmosphere as well as being a contributor to acid rain through the reaction with nitric particles and acid aerosols.

American Ecotech features the Serinus 40 Analyzer for measuring NOx:

The Serinus 40 Series – From Ecotech’s new line of gas analyzers, it is designed for lower cost of operation and maintenance, with options such as dual particulate filters and internal low power sample pump (6 watts). This should be considered as part of any evaluation of NOx analyzers.

All of American Ecotech’s Criteria Pollutant Gas Analyzers are US EPA Reference or Equivalent Method Certified. 

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