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Ozone Monitoring Equipment

Serinus 30 250x160 sflb

Ozone (O3) is a colorless gas which has both beneficial and detrimental effects to human health depending on where it is found. Because it may have a detrimental effect, an O3 Monitor (Ozone Monitor) is sometimes necessary. In the upper atmosphere, “good” ozone serves to filter the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays which would otherwise render life in this planet impossible. However, at lower levels in the atmosphere “bad” or ground level ozone (formed by the reaction of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), unburned hydrocarbons or volatile organic compounds, and UV light) can lead to lung irritation and asthma, as well as contribute other cardiopulmonary illnesses. Especially vulnerable to the effects of ground level ozone are children and the elderly, and therefore businesses and governments are interested in O3 Monitoring (Ozone Monitoring).

Because of the recognized health effects of ground level ozone, the U.S. EPA has established a national ambient primary ozone standard. Originally set at 0.08 ppm (8-hour average), a review of ozone related health effects lead the EPA in 2015 to revise the primary standard down to 0.070 ppm. The previous (2008) O3 standards additionally remain in effect in some areas. Revocation of the previous (2008) O3 standards and transitioning to the current (2015) standards will be addressed by the EPA in the inplementation rule for the current standards.

American Ecotech features the Serinus 10 Analyzer for ozone monitoring:

The Serinus 10 – From Ecotech’s new line of gas analyzers, it is designed for lower cost of operation and maintenance, with options such as dual particulate filters and internal low power sample pump (6 watts). This should be considered as an option for your Ozone monitor requirements. Contact us to discuss your Ozone monitor requirements. 

All of American Ecotech’s Criteria Pollutant Gas Analyzers are US EPA Reference or Equivalent Method Certified. 

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