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SO2 Monitoring Equipment

Serinus 30 250x160 sflb

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) is typically formed through the burning of Sulfur which is found in almost all raw materials from coal to metal ores to petroleum. An SO2 analyzer can help monitor the particulate levels. Health effects from SO2 include increased susceptibility to asthma in the short term, while also in the long term leading to increased respiratory issues and aggravating existing cardiac problems. SO2 also interacts with other gases and particulates to form sulfate particulate which can persist in the atmosphere for long periods of time and be transported great distances from their source. Sulfate particles have similar effects to SO2, however a number of studies have linked increased sulfate particulate levels to causing premature death. Therefore, many responsible businesses and government are interested in installing an SO2 analyzer.

SO2 and sulfate are also significant components to haze and have been identified as some of major contributors to visibility impairment in U.S. National Parks. The major sources of SO2 emissions are coal fired power plants, refining of petroleum, and metal extraction from ores.

American Ecotech features the Serinus 50 Analyzer for monitoring SO2:

The Serinus 50 Series – From Ecotech’s new line of gas analyzers, it is designed for lower cost of operation and maintenance, with options such as dual particulate filters and internal low power sample pump (6 watts).

All of American Ecotech’s Criteria Pollutant Gas Analyzers are US EPA Reference or Equivalent Method Certified. 

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