Employment: Environmental Systems Technician

American Ecotech specializes in the manufacturing, maintenance and operation of innovative air pollution monitoring systems and is currently seeking an Environmental Systems Technician with Electronics Experience. Our ideal candidate will work in our Warren, Rhode Island office. We offer competitive remuneration, three weeks of vacation time per year, 401k, dental and health insurance. Our ideal candidate must be highly motivated and customer service-oriented to become part of our successful team. Please email your resume together with a brief description about why you're interested in considering a position working with us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. No phone inquiries please.

Physical Requirements:

- Will handle hazardous materials (I.e., non-flammable gases)
- Will occasionally work in confined spaces
- Ability to lift 50 lbs.

Entry Level Position - Duties

- Develop an in-depth knowledge or American Ecotech core products and services and utilize this knowledge to successfully manage, deliver and enhance AQM projects
- Help to plan each customer job thoroughly in advance to ensure all necessary tools, spares and equipment are available to complete pending and current tasks
- System Installation, Servicing and Maintenance of Ambient and Stack Environmental Air Pollution Monitoring and Measurement Equipment
- Travel to customer sites and perform installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, ensuring sufficient equipment/spares are on hand to attend most foreseeable failures.
- Provide ongoing customer support for existing projects. Both technical and administrative tasks must be completed in a timely manner
- Work in laboratory and field settings
- Develop an in-depth knowledge of all ongoing projects in the region and can work with other team members to perform maintenance, troubleshooting and support as needed.
- Demonstrate initiative in finding solutions to customers' ambient air monitoring challenges.
- Perform Customer Training on any elements of the Ambient Air monitoring station systems.
- Assist in meeting project management goals
- Positively Represent American Ecotech always

Entry Level - Minimum Requirements and Qualifications

- Strong mechanical aptitude
- The ability to work with and motivate others
- Strong interpersonal, oral and written skills
- Must be willing to travel on a regular basis
- Must be able to multi-task and meet deadlines

Advanced Level Position - Duties

- Must lead in above entry level duties.
- Provide cost estimates for material and labor to complete projects
- Communicate with existing customers and ensure that projects are delivered as per customers' expectations.

Advanced – Minimum Requirements and Qualifications

- Associates degree in science related field with 3 or more years of technical related experience in a scientific field
- Project Management Experience
- Strong Industry background preferred