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Data Reporting


American Ecotech station management and data management packages have been designed and tested by our own field operations staff over many years with simple, powerful and effective features to get the most out of your monitoring systems.

Congrego® Data Logger

Congrego® is a ready-to-use, simple to operate software and hardware platform that interfaces with a wide variety of equipment digitally. Congrego® controls how instruments inter-relate, reliably taking complex amounts of data and transforming it into easily accessible, digestible and accurate data that informs decision making and effective systems operation. It can be operated and controlled remotely from any internet browser-enabled device – laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Hundreds of parameters of data can be presented simultaneously in a variety of widgets, graphs and tables, depending on user preference.  


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Airodis Data Management

BrochureAirodis is an environmental data management software package that streamlines the data collection process by automatically or manually downloading data from multiple loggers and saving it into an SQL Server database. Data can be collected from a wide variety of loggers over multiple communication media. CSV file import is also supported and communication scripts for non-supported loggers can easily be produced. 

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