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Serinus Gas Analyzers

Serinus Gas AnalyzersSerinus Gas AnalyzersSerinus Gas Analyzers Brochure
Serinus Gas
Analyzer Brochure



The Serinus series is the next generation of criteria and specialty pollutant gas analyzers from American Ecotech. Using proven measurement techniques the Serinus series incorporates innovative technology to deliver superior performance, low total cost of ownership, and reduced maintenance intervals. The range of Serinus includes:

  • Serinus S-10 Ozone Analyzer (EPA approval #EQOA-0809-187)
  • Serinus S-30 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer (EPA approval #RFCA-0509-174)
  • Serinus S-40 Oxides of Nitrogen Analyzer (EPA approval #EQOA-0809-188)
  • Serinus S-50 Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer – also available as H2S analyzer with addition of H2S 1100 Converter (EPA approval #EQOA-0809-186)

Key features across the Serinus series include:

  • Interchangeable components, consumables, spare parts and accessories, working to keep operating and service costs low.
  • A low carbon footprint due to reduced power consumption and operation over a wider temperature range.
  • Use of zero volume fittings and flexible Teflon tubing to improve system integrity.
  • An electronics suite that delivers greater stability and reliability.

Building on the renowned EC9800 series, the Serinus incorporates new features to make ambient and emissions monitoring even easier including:

  • Removable flash memory stores up to 10 years of one minute data, including the ability to record up to 12 individual parameters, instrument settings and event logs.
  • Versatile interfacing through RS232, USB, Bluetooth (via Android App), analog, and optional TCP/IP.
  • Optional dual particulate filter can reduce scheduled on-site maintenance visits by up to 50%.
  • Intuitive Quick Menu and easier to read Graphical User Interface (GUI) simplifies instrument operation.
  • New advanced diagnostics protocol with detailed event tracking and convenient ‘Traffic Light’ analyzer state indicator.
  • Full remote control of instrument functions including calibrations, span/zero checks and diagnostics.
  • Optional Low Wattage Internal Pump (6 watts).


Serinus Gas Analyzers Brochures Serinus Series Analyzer Brochures


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